Appetizers & More



NEW! Garlic Breaded Cheese Curd –  Wisconsin White Cheddar Cheese Curds with a Garlic Breading.  Perfect compliment to Craft Beer. Comes with your choice of Dipping Sauce - -7.99

NEW! Cauliflower Breaded Florets –  Fried Golden Brown and tossed in your favorite Sauce. Comes with your choice of Dipping Sauce  - 7.99

Mushrooms - Tempura Battered Mushrooms Deep Fried to Perfection with Your Choice of Dipping Sauce - 7.99

Pretzels - Eight Deep Fried Pretzels Filled with Jalapeno Cheese, Served with Your Choice of Dipping Sauce – 7.99

Fried Pickles- We take World Class Pickles, Deep Fry Them in Jed’s Breading and Bring Them to You. Understood? – 7.49

Breaded String Mozzarella - Wisconsin’s Finest from Mozzarella Land – 7.99

Jed’s Skins – 4 Potato Skins Loaded with Bacon-Cheddar, Comes with a Side of Sour Cream – 8.99

Onion Rings – Fried to a delicous Golden Brown – 7.99


Spicy Chicken Queso – A Crock of Spicy Chicken Dip served with Tortilla Chips Served HOT! – 7.99 – Add Chili for – .99¢

Spinach Artichoke – A Crock served with Tortilla Chips. Served Hot – 7.99

Kik’n Chik’n Wings

5 wings (one sauce) 6.99
10 wings (one sauce) 11.99
20 wings (one sauce) 22.99
50 wings (two sauces) 54.99
Celery .99

Sauces Include
Mild, Medium, Hot, Super Fly, Taco, BBQ, Hot BBQ, Honey BBQ, Hot Honey, Jed’s Secret Sauce, Buffalo, Mike’s Crazy Cajun, Zesty Garlic, Sweet Jalapeno, Sweet Baby Jane’s, Garlic Parmesan, Sweet Chili

Pittsburg Seasoning or our NEW Six Pepper Blend add .99¢
Orders with All Drums or All Wings (flappers) are Extra.


Grilled Tenders – The Next Big Thing! Fresh Chicken Tenders Marinated and Grilled to Perfection!

3 Tenders Served with One Side Sauce and Ranch or Bleu Cheese - 6.99
5 Tenders Served with Two Side Sauces and Ranch or Bleu Cheese – 9.99